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It was the year 2012 when, just as someone was waiting for the end of this world, with the intent to create something new without forgetting to take a look at our past, we started this new challenge.

This is how Ristorante Trattoria Galleria was born, a place where you can relax away from the daily routine, even if only for a little while and where we try to welcome you in this pleasant and romantic corner of the of Lugano.

Look at our menu

On request

for 2 ore more people
price per person

with sauces and side dishes

Price for 2 persons
fr. 150.00

King crab claw – lobster  – prawns – scampi – shrimps skewer – spider crab claw – curry sauce and tartar sauce – ceylon’s way rice

Cold dishes and starters

fr. 22.00

with tomatoes and basil

fr. 17.00

and fresh vegetables

with pickled gherkins and spring onions

fr. 22.00

with rocket salad and parmesan shavings

fr. 24.00

(paper thin slices of raw beef meat)

with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and parmesan shavings

with warm parsley potatoes and carrots

fr. 25.00

with melon

marinated in citrus fruits, with julienne of seasonal crudités


with matchstick potatoes

fr. 31.00

with lemon emulsion, pistachios and shallots, on cold fennel cream

with avocado

with citrus fruits and strawberry sauce

fr. 28.00

with vegetables brunoise

and crispy vegetables brunoise, amalgamated with avocado and quinoa, on chickpea hummus and Ligurian pesto cream


fr. 22.00

with chicken or shrimps

fr. 21.00

green salad – cherry tomatoes – parmesan shavings – boiled egg – tuna – spelt

fr. 31.00

spinach and lettuce salad with warm scallops and shrimps, avocado, marinated salmon, ginger and spelt

fr. 28.00

with potatoes, green beans and olives


First courses

Rices and risottos

with leek and Muggio Valley’s cheese

with mountain cheese

fr. 21.00

with fresh fruits and curry sauce

Pasta dishes

fr. 17.50

with tomato sauce and chili pepper

fr. 18.50

with oil, hot pepper, anchovies, tomatoes and capers – with or without garlic

small macaroni with Cognac, cream and tomato sauce

with tomato sauce

fr. 24.00

with porcini mushrooms

with buffalo’s mozzarella – cherry tomatoes – basil – olives – parmesan shavings

with potatoes and green beans

with salmon and shrimps

red or white (with or without tomato sauce)

Second courses

Meat dishes

fr. 46.00

with bacon, on Valmalenco’s stone, with grilled vegetables and castle of potatoes

fr. 36.00

with rocket salad, tomatoes and parmesan shavings

fr. 39.00

with roasted potatoes and spinach

with matchstick fries, rocket salad and cherry tomatoes

with English long-grain rice and carrot sticks

Fish dishes

with roasted potatoes and buttered spinach

(6 pieces)


with local Ticino flour "Mulino Maroggia"
fr. 13.00

tomato – mozzarella – basil

fr. 15.00

tomato – mozzarella – anchovies – oregano

fr. 15.00

tomato – mozzarella – ham

tomato – mozzarella – spicy or sweet salami

tomato – mozzarella – blue cheese or mixed cheeses

tomato – mozzarella – rocket salad – parmesan shavings

fr. 17.00

tomato – mozzarella – artichokes – ham – olives

fr. 17.00

tomato – mozzarella – natural tuna – onions – oregano

fr. 17.00

tomato – mozzarella – peppers – zucchini – eggplant – tomatoes

fr. 18.00

tomato – mozzarella – ham – champignon mushrooms

fr. 18.00

tomato – mozzarella – ham – artichokes – champignon mushrooms – peppers

tomato – buffalo’s milk mozzarella – cherry tomatoes – basil

fr. 21.00

tomato – mozzarella – beef carpaccio (paper thin sliced beef) – rocket salad – parmesan shavings

fr. 21.00

tomato – mozzarella – Parma ham – creamy cheese

fr. 23.00

tomato – buffalo’s milk mozzarella – dried meat (bresaola) – porcini mushrooms – rocket salad – parmesan shavings

fr. 24.00

tomato – octopus – shrimps – mussels – clams – with or without mozzarella

Menu suggestions

for groups of 10 or more people
Meat menù
Little Armagnac beef tartare and little beef carpaccio on a zola cheese cream with walnut kernels
Sliced beef with Bernese sauce, Maxime potatoes and vegetable bouquet
Hot chocolate heart cake
Fr. 50.-
Fish menù
Little tuna tartar with pistachios and little marinated salmon carpaccio
Sea bass fillets on potato and fennel cream, green beans and olives
Semi-frozen grapefruit dessert
Fr. 55.-
Local menù
Graubunden dried meat
Parmesan risotto with lake perch fillets roasted in butter
- or -
Saffron risotto with veal ossobuco (shank)
Grape sorbet with local Ticino grappa (grape-based pomace brandy)
Fr. 55.-
For variations, clarifications or wines matchings, please contact us

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In addition to the suggestions on the menu and the daily suggestions for the lunch at midday, exclusive seasonal dishes are suggested for which reservations are appreciated.
We are also available on request for themed banquets, aperitifs or full reservation of the restaurant.
Do not hesitate to get in touch for informations.


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Due to Federal Covid-19 restrictions we are temporarily closed to the public.


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